1. Pre-made
    Paleo meals prepared for your budget, inspiration and nutrition If your on the run and great for those nights late home from work, pre-made frozen meals are a great convenient way to keep on track to your health and wellbeing. Single, double or family size servings of selected menu items. We only use seasonal produce and what is available from our suppliers throughout the year.
  2. Recipe box
    Don't have time to go to the numerous shops required to obtain everything you need to create your delicious creations? I know I've spent many a weekend driving to various outlets. Now you can order your weekly box of shopping supplies and pick from the menu with recipes, or mix and match and make cooking paleo easy! If you have a specific request for an item, just add in comments and we will source it for you.
  3. Special request?
    Do you have a special request? No problem, just send us an email.