We are a family business, WA grown.  Having followed a paleo inspired lifestyle for many years, the philosophy, inspiration and health benefits have been obvious and enjoyable.  Knowing how difficult it can be at times to stay on track and make every meal from scratch, there were times I wished I could just have a back up in my fridge or freezer, ready to go.

Working full time, my frustrations at having to drive to many different places to obtain the produce I wanted was using my precious time.  Following meal plans and prgrams was challenging without the added stress.  The Cave Kitchen was born from my desire for others to embrace the paleo way, and help stay on track, or just have a day off from hunting and gathering!

We use local and WA produce, with all ingreadients stated.  We endevour to proide organic, but if we are unable to provide an organic item, it will be stated as 'non organic'.  All meat is sourced from an organic supplier.
We visit our local farmers markets each weekend and love to buy our own produce from here (someimes we have 5 children in our house, it's not always possible to eat 100% organic!).   We can provide produce from local hills farmers, or purely organic - the choice is yours!

We can accomodate requests such as specific paleo programs, any dietry requirement or special request.  Email with any queries, or fill in the comment section when selecting from the menu.

Covering the metro area, develivery days can be requested at booking.

Our packaging and bags are eco-friendly and bio-degradable in keeping with our environmental values.  Delivery boxes are not, but we encourage you to exchange them with us for your next order.  If you have finished with a box, and aren't ready to refill, we will pick it up to save on your storage, and to recycle our boxes.

If you are not happy with an item, just let us know and we will return a refund promptly on return of the item.

Our philosophy is to support local, nuture your body, respect the animal and produce and eat well, enjoy the benefits that healthy nutritious food brings you, love yourself, love and live life to the fullest!