We have done the hunting and gathering for you.  Fresh, locally sourced foods packed with nutrition, prepared with respect and enjoyed with love. 
                                   You can choose from prepared meals, frozen to capture the goodness or if you love to cook, pick from our menu and choose a recipe or
custom your own shopping box delivered with fresh ingredients ready to go, just add fire!

Ready made in the cave
Where does our garden grow
Sourced from local growers, butchers and retailers, we strongly believe in supporting our local community.  All of our meat is organic, with fruit & vegetables organic when possible and available.  We do like to gather from our local farmers market, so you can now choose this as a menu option.  Check out our heartfelt thank you page for our list of suppliers and helpers
What's missing?
Orders & deliveries
Who are we in The Cave
Sugar free
Gluten free
Preservative free
Additive free
Hassle free
Order online and nominate your preferred date & time of delivery.

Special requests for particular meals programs and AIP meals  are available, just ask!
We are a family, also locally grown.
A midwife & an ex-FIFO combined with 3 boys makes life pretty grand.  We combine our passion for delicious, nutritious and sustainable food with our passion for living life