Ready Made in the Cave
We've done the hunting and gathering and pre-prepared some delishious and nutritious paleo meals.  Nourish your body with goodness from within.  Order a menu box or take home meals, snacks or come for a taste test!
Where does our garden grow?
Gathered from WA local sources and organic where possible, not only are our meals are packed full of nutrients, our ethical and sustainable values shine through with quality to celebrate.  
The Cave Kitchen
Pre-order or special request
Who are we at the Cave
We believe that supporting local growers and farmers by providing delicious paleo food to nuture and norish your body from within.  Preservative, additive, sugar and gluten free. 
Place an order online and pick up between 0800 - 1100 Sunday's.  Pre-ordered requests for AIP meals available.  Visit our menu for some delicious options
We are a family, also locally grown.  We are a Mum & Dad with three delightful boys.  Occasionally we rope other family members in to help us!  Belle is a midwife and Greg is an ex-FIFO who is adjusting to being a Perthite again!
Come and say hello and have a taste of our great food